ABCT’s primary offensive task

Primary doctrinal references for the exam include: ADRP 1-02 Operational Terms and Military Symbols (2012) ADRP 3-0 Unified Land Operations (2012) ADRP 4-0 Sustainment (2012) ADRP 5-0 The Operations Process (2012) FM 3-90-1 Offense and Defense (2013) FM 3-90-2 Reconnaissance, Security, and Tactical Enabling Tasks (2013) FM 3-90.6 Brigade Combat Team (2010) FM 6-0 Commander and Staff Organizations and Operations (2014) These publications are available in the Blackboard Master Library. You also may access the doctrinal references via the Army Publishing Directorate at the following link: . If you state something from doctrine, the readings, or the lessons as part of your answer, you must give a citation in accordance with ST 22-2. You may use parenthetical citations, endnotes or footnotes; all citations must include page numbers. Type your answers directly into the spaces provided. The font and margins are already set for you; the document will expand as you type your responses. Single-space your answers; double-space between paragraphs; write in complete sentences, not bullets. The question tells you how much space (approximately) it should take, and the point value for each question. THE SITUATION”30 minutes ago You are the commander of the 1/8 ABCT, which is the lead element of the main body in the 8th Infantry Division’s attack to seize OBJ BRAVO, a city 80 kilometers west of BRIDGEPORT. 1/8 ABCT as the division’s decisive operation was to seize OBJ BRAVO NLT H+12 in order to protect the II Corps’ main effort. The division’s advance guard, 1/24 ABCT (attached to 8 ID), passed BRIDGEPORT without incident approximately two hours ago. In the period between 1/24’s departure from BRIDGEPORT and 1/8’s approach, the enemy quickly emplaced several obstacles (overturned vehicles and building materials) on ROUTE ORANGE south of BRIDGEPORT to cause friendly forces to deploy assets early and disrupt movement. As lead elements of 1/8 ABCT approached BRIDGEPORT, they received consistent and accurate mortar and RPG fire from the city. The intensity of these fires increased as the brigade approached the outskirts of town. THE CURRENT SITUATION”H+4 The remainder of the division’s main body is approximately two hours behind your trail unit and will use ROUTE ORANGE as well. The lead company of 1/8 ABCT took up hasty defensive positions near the bridge over the CENTER RIVER on ROUTE ORANGE while the brigade developed the situation around BRIDGEPORT. As your S3 reports enemy contact to the Division Main CP, the Division G2 reports that a Redland maneuver brigade with two maneuver battalions (one armor with about 30 T80 tanks and one mechanized with about 36 BMP-3s) and one artillery battalion (18 2S1 self-propelled 122mm howitzers) have moved south of MARYSVILLE and occupied assembly areas approximately 40km north of BRIDGEPORT in the last four hours. The G2 assesses that this enemy brigade will attack the 8th Infantry Division’s main body when it passes through the area along ROUTE ORANGE. Additionally, the G2 estimates a company-sized irregular force (100-120 personnel) within the city of BRIDGEPORT equipped with light weapons (AK47 and RPK) and some RPG7V and 82mm mortars. The G2 believes this irregular force might coordinate actions with the Redland brigade to the north. The CG considers these developments a significant threat to the division’s northern flank and the corps’ future line of communication. The CG contacts you with the following verbal directive: I am concerned about the division’s northern flank and the situation around BRIDGEPORT. Your new mission is defeat the enemy on our northern flank to protect the division’s main body. I’m not sure how long this mission will take, but I want you back with us as soon as possible; be prepared for follow on operations. 1/24 ABCT will continue as the division’s advance guard, and 4/8 ABCT (currently approximately 30km behind your unit) will conduct your previous mission as the division’s decisive operation. ***** Note: Citing doctrine is NOT enough to get credit for this assignment. You must read the situation carefully, and then apply principles of doctrine. After you have analyzed the situation, write a meaningful response for each exam question. ***** The C423 Exam Scenario Sketch for this situation is available to you in a separate document. Use the C423 Exam Scenario Sketch to answers the questions below. Section 1: Analyze and develop a doctrinal solution to a tactical problem. (30 Points) FOR THIS SECTION OF THE EXAM, YOU ARE THE 1/8 ABCT COMMANDER. Based on the situation and sketch, write the 1/8 ABCT’s mission statement. (5 Points). [Remember to address the who, what, when, where, and why in your answer.] Write the 1/8 ABCT Commander’s intent for this mission. Your answer MUST include expanded purpose, key tasks, and end state (10 Points). [Your answer should be approximately one-half of a typed page. For a review of commander’s intent, refer to page 2-19 in ADRP 5-0.] Identify the ABCT’s primary offensive task and the form of maneuver, OR defensive task and form of defense. (5 points). [Write one to five sentences; you may write more if you like.] Identify and explain the ABCT’s decisive operation. (5 points). [Write one to five sentences; you may write more if you like.] Identify and explain the ABCT’s shaping operations. (5 points). [Write one to five sentences; you may write more if you like.] Section 2: Sketch and Explanation (30 Points) You must address each of the following items listed below. The answers you provided for exam questions 3, 4, and 5 will help you with items a through i below. For parts a, c, e, g, and h, you will depict your answers on the exam sketch. On the sketch, depict your visualization of the 1/8 ABCT’s operation for solving the tactical problem. You may use PowerPoint to make and place the symbols on the sketch, or you may hand-draw the symbols and then scan the sketch to make it a PDF. For this assignment, a PDF is allowed for the sketch. For parts b, d, f, and i, you will state or explain your answers. Write one to five sentences for each part; you may write more if you like. When you submit your assignment for grading, be sure to include both parts of the exam: (1) your typed answers for the exam questions and (2) your answers depicted on the sketch. Depict the location of the cavalry squadron on the sketch. (2 points) State the task and purpose of the cavalry squadron. (2 points) Depict the location of EACH combined arms battalion on the sketch. (5 points) State the task and purpose of EACH combined arms battalion. (5 points) Depict the location of the fires battalion on the sketch. (2 points) State the task and purpose of the fires battalion. (2 points) Depict the boundaries of the combined arms battalions’ and the armed reconnaissance squadron’s area of operations on the sketch. (4 points) Depict the locations for the main command post and the tactical command post on the sketch. (4 points) Explain your decision for locating the main command post and the tactical command post. (4 points) Section 3: Sustainment (20 Points) FOR THIS SECTION OF THE EXAM, YOU ARE THE BSB COMMANDER of the 1/8 ABCT. Given that you are still in the early phase of planning, address each of the following listed below. Provide your vision for how the BSB will logistically support the ABCT’s change of mission. Your answer MUST include a discussion of the planning considerations for Class III, Class V, Medical and Maintenance (35MM). (10 points) [Your answer should be approximately one-half of a typed page.] Depict on the sketch where you would locate the BSA, and explain why. (5 points). [Write one to five sentences; you may write more if you like.] Out of the eight principles of sustainment, identify the TWO principles you think are the most important for this mission, and explain why. (5 points). [Write one to five sentences; you may write more if you like.] Section 4: Mission Command Essay. (20 Points) Referring to your operations as the 1/8 ABCT Commander, write a one-to-two page essay describing your application of Mission Command in your tactical solution. Your answer MUST include a discussion of how the principles of Mission Command relate to your brigade in this scenario. Your essay may not exceed two typed pages. You may refer to ST 22-2 to review the components of an essay and the citations of sources. This is an informative essay, not an argumentative essay. 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