American history.

write essays on four of the following questions. 1. Southern Colonies. Describe some of the Southern settlements that became English colonies in the 1600s. What do you find most remarkable about Virginia and other early colonies? How did slavery become such a major part of the society in the South? 2. Puritans. Why did Puritans come to America? What was their society like? What do you find notable about the Puritan colonies at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay? What impact did the Puritans have on America? 3. Puritans and Quakers. Compare the Puritan colonies in New England with the Quaker colony in Pennsylvania. What similarities or differences do you see between these two religious movements? Do you think religion was a factor in the success of both areas? 4. Eighteenth Century America. Using insights from Chapter 5, describe how life was changing in the British colonies in the 1700s. What social, political, economic or cultural changes do you see? 5. Spanish Missions. What do you find remarkable about the Spanish mission era in California in the late 1700s? Do you see California in the 1700s as similar to the British colonies of the same era, or do you see California as a different strand of our history? 6. Colonial Crisis. Explain how the political consciousness of Americans changed in the two decades leading up to Independence. 7. Britain v. America. How did the colonists manage to gain independence, fighting against the powerful British Empire?