Application of mathematics in real life

Through the focus on basics article, we see that simple tasks in life require basic numerical ideas in concrete familiar contexts. Tasks consist of simple one step ideas that include counting, sorting and understanding simple concepts for example counting the number of eggs in a tray. Using this simple examples and connections, ABE learners can be assisted to overcome their anxiety in mathematics. Taking instances where people go shopping or counting items in different places, this are indirect applications of mathematics since there is the use of numbers which is the basic definition of mathematics. If this is exploited positively, it can be used to develop learners attitude towards mathematics since the learners will view it as a normal application in life rather than the hard subject it is pictured to be. This will automatically lead to better grades in class. Another math related article is that it is of very great importance to an individual in that it provides greater employment opportunities. We find that individuals with mathematical knowledge are of much use to a company’s financial state. Mainly we find that they are usually in charge of the company’s numbers as they ensure smooth running preventing losses. We find that most careers demand great problem-solving abilities and understanding so as to produce the best out of oneself. These abilities are with no doubt developed from solving numeric problems that enable individuals develop sharp critically thinking minds which are of great importance to oneself. In conclusion we see that Mathematics is a core subject both in academic matters and in matters pertaining to our day to day activities in life. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Click order now, and enjoy an amazing discount.