Battle of Stalingrad

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements APA Format 1 Inch margins Apply the four steps of battle analysis (Uploaded in references) to evaluate a historical battle using the intellectual standards and the elements of reasoning (uploaded in references)to provide and alternate outcome for the battle The alternate outcome of the battle should be based on the utilization of intelligence assets used in that time period, or the misuse of intelligence assets, and how the alteration of the intelligence assets would have effected the outcome of the battle overall. Key points: INTRODUCTION 1.Thesis statement is clear and specific 2. Clear and specific main points, main points relevant to the thesis. DEVELOPMENT OF CONTENT: 1. major points fully support the thesis 2. Clearly and fairly discussed multiple points of view 3. sequencing of major/minor points effectively supported flow of paper 4. Clear reasoning 5. Identified and answered possible anticipated thoughts, concepts, problems, solutions, biases, and or predujuces 6. assumptions are clearly supported by facts and dates 7. Present a clear and concise alternate outcome, identified relevant capabilities, and described how each end state could have been effected and how this alternate future affected the overall campaign. CONCLUSION 1. Conclusion is clear and supported by the thesis and major points 2. Conclusion was concise and fully justified by the evidence and the reasoning USE ONLY ACTIVE VOICE PLEASE LOOK AT THE REFERENCES I HAVE UPLOADED FOR YOU (Battle analysis steps and intellectual standards and elements of reasoning.