Behavioral Techniques

Find a scholarly journal article (with *original research; not a review paper) that utilizes at least one of the behavioral techniques covered in the chapters. Write a thorough, critical review of the article. Include the following sections/information in your paper. 1. Introduction, including: a) Article topic b) Rough background of the literature c) Significance of the problem d) Research question(s) and hypothesis 2. Summary of the research methods, including: a) Research design b) Sample and sampling method c) Identification and measurement of variables d) Study procedures e) Data collection 3. Summary of the results, including: a) Interpretation of the findings b) Discussion of how the results connect with the research question(s) and hypothesis c) Discussion of what the study means in the big picture (how does it apply to society in general?) 4. Critique of the research, including: a) Strengths and weaknesses of the study b) Discussion of possible flaws in the study and how they are connected to the study design c) Discussion of the generalizability of the study (both population and ecological) 5. Discussion of recommendations for future research, including: a) Recommendations to address the identified gaps or flaws in the study b) Recommendations that indicate an understanding of research design 6. Conclusion, including: a) Summary of the main points of the study b) Summary of the critique and recommendations c) Discussion of how learning theory relates to the research Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.