Book Report

Book Report The goal of the book report is to encourage good reading skills and research habits. A list of suggested books will be distributed early in the semester/during library orientation- or if there is a special request for a book, let the librarians know, it may be able to be ordered. Here are five general questions. Answer in essay format. 1. Why did you select this book, and why did its subject matter initially appeal to you? What were your expectations? 2. Were your expectations met? If so how did it support your studies in Fashion Fundamentals? 3. What did you learn? Please provide at least three things you learned from reading this book. Please give details. What was the take away? 4. How (if at all) has this book shaped you point of view about fashion? If not, explain why. 5. Reading a book and being exposed to subject matter in far greater depth is different than scanning the internet for information. Both have value and merit that being said “are you more likely, just as likely, or less likely to read a book as you continue your studies at LIM. Please elaborate. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.