Budgeting Case Study

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BASED ON THIS SCENARIO As the evening charge nurse in a skilled nursing facility and are the only RN on this shift. The other staff consists of nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses. The director of nursing recently conducted a supply audit and found numerous supplies are unaccounted for. The director of nursing asks for the help of all the charge nurses of all three shifts to help find out if someone is pilfering supplies and if so to take steps to correct this problem. You are aware that the staff occasionally leaves at the end of the shift with forgotten supplies in their pockets. You realize that it could be easy to unintentionally take home rolls of adhesive tape, syringes, and lotion. However, your supervisor maintains that there has been an unprecedented increase in the amount of supplies that have not been charged to patients. You know that the skilled nursing facility operates on a very small margin of profit and cannot afford to absorb these costs. When you asked some of the staff on the evening shift for an explanation, they reveal that a few employees have openly expressed that taking a few small supplies is, in effect, an expected and a minor fringe benefit of employment. They do not believe that the problem is widespread, and they cannot objectively document which employees are involved in pilfering supplies. ASSIGNMENT: 1) You MUST determine what action you should take AS THE NURSE MANAGER. Analyze AND DESCRIBE your actions in terms of the DESIRABLE and UNDESIRABLE effects on the employees involved taking the supplies and THOSE WHO ARE NOT, SUCH AS, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EMPLOYEES STEAL? WHO LOSES? THE PATIENTS? THE STAFF? THE UNIT? EVEN THOUGH IT MIGHT NOT SEEM MUCH WHAT HAPPENS IF EVERYONE TAKES OR WASTE SUPPLIES? Please support with examples. 2) Is the amount of the fiscal debit in this situation a critical factor? Please support with examples. 3) Is it worth the time and energy that would be required to truly eliminate this problem? Please support with examples. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.