business law

Order Description A15 Business Law Coursework Assignments Semester: Spring 2015 Module Code: PM103 Module Title: Business Law Programme BSc Level: Level 4 Awarding Body: Module Leader Format: Written Report Presentation: Submission requirements: The written report must be submitted on the Student Portal Word Limit: 2,500 words for written report (with 10% plus or minus leeway) Deadline date for submission: Learning outcomes to be examined in these assessments PLEASE NOTE: THESE LEARNING OUTCOMES ARE NOT THE ASSESSMENT TASKS. THEY BEGIN ON PAGE 2 Outline and explain the contents of employment contracts and the legal liabilities of managers and directors Demonstrate the ways in which European Union law affects the conduct of business in the United Kingdom Identify and explain the main sources of law affecting businesses and policies relating to customers, related companies and employment Percentage of marks awarded for module This assignment is worth 100% of the marks for the module. Page 1 of 4 module Assessment criteria for presentation Assessment criteria for the presentation are on page 4 Assessment criteria for written report Content, style, relevance, originality: ? Identification “ structure, content and academic flow ? Research “ use relevant case law and statutory sources and show their relevance to the assignment Format, referencing, bibliography: ? Report “ Appropriate style, including grammar and spelling. ? Harvard or footnotes style referencing Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion: ? Demonstration of the ability to analyse and evaluate arguments ? Production of a clear explanation of relationship between theory and practice and draw conclusions ? Understand the complexity of the legal issues and the use of relevant sources Assignment Tasks: Part B: 2,500 word Written Report “ 100 marks weighted to 70% of marks for the module (i) Evaluate the purpose of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and, with particular reference to the services provided by Acas, assess to what extent it is a successful means of resolving disputes outside the formal judicial process. 50% (ii) Explain why European Union law takes precedence over domestic law in the United Kingdom. . 50% Marks: 100 “ Weighted to 70% for the module Parts (i) and (ii) have the same weighting therefore the word count for each part should reflect this. Allow approximately 1,250 words for each. Please remember that you must provide properly referenced evidence for all of the claims/assertions you make.