Capstone Midterm Paper

Template for Business Plan Midterm Please write a 10 pages paper based on the following requirement. I already give you the sample paper, you need to re-phrase all the content in order to avoid plagiarism, but make sure you did not change the idea of it. Please write down the title of each section and write your words under each of them. The Executive Summary needs to be longer than the sample paper that I gave to you and it needs to be 2-3 pages. The Competitor Analysis needs more research based on Psychographic and demographic. Please write directly to the point and make sure you have properly cited references on the bottom of each page with numbers that correspond to the source numbers in the text. Executive Summary (2-3 pages) “Snapshot of the entire plan “Funding Request “Captures attention and interest “Most important part of plan Business Description “Products & services “Mission Statement “Business model “Goals “Legal Status/Ownership Industry Analysis (need more research) “Industry Size & Growth rate “Trends “Industry Structure Market Analysis “Market Size and potential sales (need more research) “Marketing Strategy (need more research) Differentiation Competitive Advantage Market Segmentation Target market & Customer profile (Based on Psychographic and Demographic) “Competitor Analysis (You need to do more research) “SWOT Analysis (need to add more) Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.