Carl Rogers as an influential American psychologist.

ENG L 112 Rogerian Argument Paper Instructions Carl Rogers as an influential American psychologist. During his years as a psychologist, Rogers believed compromise was a key component of effective argument. Topic : Using the topic selected and approved fo r the Topic Proposal, write a Rogeian Argument about your issue. Do not select topics from the following list unless you have permission from your instructor. These topics fall into the following categories: too broad (you will not write a book for thi s class), the topic is too current making reliable sources difficult to obtain, or the instructor has seen the issues too many times to read another paper on the issue. Abortion Capital Punishment Censorship Cell phone use while driving Child Abuse Eatin g disorders Euthanasia Evolution Gun Control Legalizing Marijuana Smoking Stem Cell Research Objective : Once you have a n issue , you will need to use effective reasoning and specific information to make your position convincing. Review the argumentat ive techniques studied. Your objective is reconcile two positions allowing both positions to win the argument. Y ou will need to make clear for the reader your reasons for the position you hold . Before finding a compromise, it is important to show how bo th views are valid. You will also need to show how each view could be strengthened by adding something from the other view. Focus : The f ocus is on one position or perspective ” your ” but you should clearly show the compromise being made. Do not use first pe rson I or second person you/your. Audience : The audience is appropriately identified stakeholders interested in and affected by the issue. Organization and Development : Make sure the controlling ideas presented in the paper are yours and that all sources are clearly cited in the text of your essay. Include a Works Cited/Reference page and proper in – text citations for the documentatio n style per your instructor’s requirements. The Rogerian Argument Purpose : Help people with differing opinions un derstand each other’s views and reduce conflict. The key is to acknowledge the discord between the two sides of an issue and reach common ground. It is useful in psychological and emotional arguments where pathos (values & beliefs) and ethos (credibility) are predominant. 1. Introduction : a. State the problem to be resolved giving opposing views – be objective, neutral, and accurate. b. State the issue as a question 2. Body : a. Examine key points that support one side of the issue. Acknowledge these differing viewpoints h ave merit within particular contexts. Educate the reader and verify that you , as the arguer , understand the opposing view correctly. (cite supporting evidence) b. Examine the points that support an alternative (opposing) position. This is the meat of the pape r. Explain the key evidence which supports the reasons you have for choosing your stance, while maintaining neutrality. c. Find common ground. Achieve dialogue during the process of discovery to establish trust. The result is change for both sides. This step is essential for the success of the Rogerian method. 3. Conclusion : a. Present a fair and concise summary of the strongest points of both sides of the argument. Craft a resolution that takes the best from both sides and offers conformity. The solution should sat isfy all parties. 4. Works Cited/Referen ces page with a minimum of five sources. Length and Format : 1,2 00 – 1,500 words , plus Works Cited or Reference page following MLA or APA formatting guidelines both in t he text and in the Works Cited or Reference page per your instructor’s guidelines . Coherence : Show the connections between the evidence presented and your claim. Due dates : See the calendar for due dates. Grading : Review the grade rubric to see how the instructor will grade your essay. For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: On-time delivery guarantee PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% money-back guarantee 100% Privacy and Confidentiality High Quality custom-written paper