case study :BBC Broadcasting House

1 What is this task about and what are the time scales? This task focuses on the analysis of a case study (BBC Broadcasting House). This project was delivered in two Phases. Phase 1 focuses on the refurbishment of the Grade 2* listed Broadcasting House, which was built in 1932. Other works in this phase include the demolition of four adjoining properties to accommodate two new office buildings. A new extension to Broadcasting House was built as part of Phase 2 (see Figure 1). Phase 1 was completed in January 2006 and BBC Radio was opened in April 2006. Phase 2 was completed in December 2010. The first broadcast from the new building delivered in Phase 2 was made in March 2012. The new complex became fully operational in April 2013- 4.5 years after its original full operational date of December 2008. The project was only 5% over budget thanks to a value-engineering (or cost-cutting) exercise between the two phases. The prominent architect of Phase 1, MJP lead by Sir Richard MacCormac, left the project (or was ˜fired’ depending on which stakeholder you talk to) because of this exercise. MJP was replaced by Sheppard Robson to deliver the design solutions for Phase 2. firstly identify the main reasons behind the delays and evaluate the way in which the potentially very high cost overruns were dealt with. We will then explore the behavioral and cultural characteristics of the main stakeholders. A lot of reading material is provided here but you do not need to read it all. You will not have time anyway. So, read the brief carefully to identify which articles you need to read to complete the task. Selecting the material you need to consult in detail is an important skill to develop when a simple keyword search on Google generates thousands (if not millions) of references. You need to learn to be selective! 2 Before you start: Pre-task Reading Before you start this task, reading the following articles will help you familiarize yourself with the BBC Broadcasting House Project (read additional articles if you feel you need to). a.BBC (2010) The BBC’s Management of Three Major Estate Projects, National Audit Office Report, London: BBC. This is a relatively long report and does not solely focus on the BBC Broadcasting House Project. Please be selective which sections you read. A copy can be downloaded from here. (no date) BBC Broadcasting House Redevelopment Project, Available at: 11 Sept 2015). c.Moore, R. (2012) ˜BBC Broadcasting House Extension- review’, The Observer (4 March), Available at: (Accessed: 11 Sept 2015). d.Booth, R. (2008) ˜Revealed: bitter row over BBC’s £800m revamp that left architect out of a job’, The Guardian (23 June), Available at: 11 Sept 2015). e.Dorrell, E. (2005) Frustrated’ MJP Leaves BBC’, AJ (27 October). A copy can be downloaded from here. f.BBC (no date) Broadcasting House, About the Building, Available at: (Accessed: 11 Sept 2015). g.LendLease (2002) Bovis Lend Lease Wins Five-Year Broadcasting House Rebuild[Press Release]. 16 December. Available at: (Accessed: 11 Sept 2015). 3 What do I need to do to complete the FIRST part of this task? In the first part, you need to individually complete the behavioral and cultural inventory for the main stakeholdersBovis (the construction managers). Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Then look no further. Our team of experienced writers are on standby to deliver to you a quality written paper as per your specified instructions. Order Now, and enjoy an amazing discount!!