Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Multiple Choice- Circle your answer At about four days after conception, the zygote consists of about 100 cells resembling a hollow ball known as a(n) a. egg. b. germ disc c. blastocyst d. amnion During the period of the embryo, most of the organs are in place, in some form. One notable exception is the a. heart. b. sex organs. c. lungs. d. brain. The final and longest stage of prenatal development is the period of the a. zygote. b. blastocyst. c. embryo d. fetus. The __________ is where nutrients and wastes are exchanged between the mother and the developing organism. a. germ disc b. placenta c. ectoderm d. amnion The age of viability refers to the a. time since conception. b. age at which a baby is expected to be born. c. age at which a fetus can hear sounds. d. age at which a fetus has a chance to survive if born. Maternal stress during pregnancy may affect prenatal development because when a pregnant woman experiences stress a. her immune system is weakened. b. oxygen flow to the fetus is increased. c. she is less likely to smoke and drink. d. she is more likely to consume high levels of folic acid. Women who smoke marijuana while pregnant have an increased risk of having a(n) a. irritable baby. b. low birthweight baby with poor motor control. c. baby with facial deformities and retarded growth. d. mentally retarded baby. Exposure to teratogens during the period of the zygote usually results in a. major defects in bodily structure b. minor defects in bodily structure c. improperly functioning body systems d. spontaneous abortion. __________ provides a quick, approximate assessment of a newborn’s status by looking at five vital signs. a. The Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale b. The Babinski c. Chorionic villus sampling d. The Apgar Scale A typical newborn will sleep __________ hours a day. a. 8 to 10 b. 12 to 14 c. 16 to 18 d. 20 to 22 True/ False“Write your answer Very little brain growth occurs during the last few months of pregnancy, so good nutrition during this time is not important. Answer: Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to miscarry and to bear children who are smaller than average at birth. Answer: The timing of exposure to a teratogen is not important. Answer: Short answer questions Please answer the short answer questions on a separate piece of paper. Label the page Chapter Three and be sure to have your name on the paper. List Five common teratogenic diseases AND their potential consequences? Name and describe four infant behavioral states. Chapter 4 Multiple Choice- Circle your answer The rate of physical growth is slowest during which period of life? a. prenatal development b. the first year of life c. preschool and elementary school years d. early adolescence Adolescents a. need to eat less than they did during childhood or they will become overweight. b. need about the same number of calories per day as they did during childhood. c. need to eat more than in childhood because of the adolescent growth spurt. d. have varied nutritional needs, but they usually get adequate amounts of nutrients. Early maturation usually a. can be harmful for girls, but not boys. b. benefits girls, but not boys c. benefits both boys and girls d. can be harmful for boys, but not girls. Malnourishment is most harmful during a. adolescence. b. middle childhood. c. the preschool years. d. infancy. ___________ is characterized by alternating between binge eating and purging through self-induced vomiting or with laxatives. a. Anorexia nervosa b. Obesity c. Bulimia d. Malnourishment Language processing is regulated primarily by the a. corpus callosum. b. frontal cortex. c. left hemisphere. d. right hemisphere. The right hemisphere of the brain controls a. the perception of spatial relationships. b. the ability to produce and understand language. c. planning ability. d. reasoning ability. True/ False“Write your answer Sleep is essential for normal growth because 80% of growth hormone is secreted during sleep. Answer: Breastfed babies are ill more often than bottle-fed babies. Answer: Malnutrition affects a child’s intelligence and ability to pay attention. Answer: Short answer questions Please answer the short answer questions on a separate piece of paper. Label the page Chapter Four and be sure to have your name on the paper. Describe the behaviors regulated by each of the following regions of the brain: left hemisphere, right hemisphere, and frontal cortex. Felicia, is the mother of a 13-year-old daughter, Yvonne. Felicia is concerned that Yvonne is anorexic because she eats like a bird. What can you tell Felicia about the causes and symptoms of anorexia that will help her identify if Yvonne is anorexic? Chapter 5 Multiple Choice- Circle your answer Babies pay attention when a novel stimulus is first presented, but they pay less attention as it becomes more familiar. This phenomenon is called a. discrimination. b. interposition. c. an orienting response d. habituation In newborns, the sense of smell is a. not developed at all. b. very primitive. c. fair d. well-developed The term auditory threshold refers to a. the range of pitches in normal conversational tones. b. the quietest sound a person can hear. c. the level of sound at which hearing impairments begin to occur. d. sounds that can be heard by adults, but not by infants Jeremiah was born with a hearing impairment. The most likely cause of his hearing impairment is a. heredity. b. maternal disease during pregnancy. c. maternal drug use during pregnancy. d. maternal exposure to environmental contaminants during pregnancy By what age do infants typically have vision as good as that of normal adults? a. at birth b. by 2 months of age c. by 1 year of age d. by 2 years of age Color is detected with specialized neurons in the retina of the eye called a. cones. b. wavelengths. c. optic nerves d. stimuli. The realization that an object’s actual size remains the same despite changes in the size of its retinal image is referred to as a. retinal disparity. b. size constancy. c. object permanence d. shape constancy. Dr. Grey placed a baby on a glass-covered platform with one side that looked shallow under the glass and another side that looked deep under the glass. He then asked the mother to call the baby to come to her. Dr. Grey appears to be interested in a. visual acuity. b. depth perception. c. color perception d. object permanence. One-month-old Jeffrey is shown a picture of a human face. How is he most likely to look at the face? a. He will focus mainly on the interior of the face. b. He will look mainly at the outer edges of the face. c. He will look mainly at the bottom of the face. d. He will scan all parts of the face equally. __________ is the process by which we select information that will be processed further. a. Habituation b. Orienting response c. Attention d. Differentiation Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) a. is more common in girls than boys. b. is equally common among girls and boys. c. is more common in boys than in girls d. occurs only in boys. Coordinated movements of the muscles and limbs are referred to as a. psychological skills. b. social skills. c. cognitive skills d. motor skills. Who is performing a fine-motor skill? a. Johnny, who is walking b. Gary, who is rolling over c. Vincent, who is scribbling with a pencil d. Jared, who is playing soccer __________ refers to breaking down complex skills into their component parts. a. Differentiation b. Integration c. Motor skills d. Locomotion True/ False“Write your answer Young babies cannot use odor to identify their mother’s breast milk. Answer: Infants do not have the ability to experience pain. Answer: Parents should be concerned about their baby’s hearing if the baby has repeated ear infections. Answer: One sign of possible hearing impairment is that an 8- or 9-month-old does not respond to his or her name. Answer: Short answer questions Please answer the short answer questions on a separate piece of paper. Label the page Chapter Five and be sure to have your name on the paper. Discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT