Commercial Swine Production

Swine Activity Swine Production at Oregon State Please watch the following video by clicking on the link below. Use the video to assist you in answering the questions listed. Video: Questions: General Management What are some challenges the OSU Swine Center faces? Name the three breeds that represent the sow herd at the OSU Swine Center. How many litters will each female have per year and when are these piglets born? What are these piglets used for or how are they sold/marketed? Describe the type of flooring used in the various parts of the facility. Also, discuss how waste is managed. Biosecurity is important at any swine operation. What types of protocols or practices does OSU follow? Farrowing and Nursery Management Describe the design of the farrowing crate. Why is it built this way? Why is an iron shot given to the newborn piglets? Name two other management practices that will be performed on the piglets after they are a few days old. The farrowing room is heated and there are heat lamps in each of the farrowing crates. Why is so much heat needed? At what age are the piglets weaned? Reproductive Management What is the gestation length of swine? What is the length of the estrous cycle? What breeding method is used to impregnate gilts and sows at OSU? Nutrition What two feedstuffs make up a large percentage of a typical swine ration? What ration do females consume while they are in the farrowing room and the nursery? What type of ration is provided to the females while they are housed in the breeding stock room? While in the nursery, what type of feed is provided to the piglets to make their transition from milk to solid feed easier? Tool ID Five tools or pieces of equipment commonly used in the swine industry will be shown and described. Name each tool and explain what purpose or function it has. Commercial Swine Production Follow the link below to learn about one of the largest commercial swine operations in the world. Video: Questions: Thoroughly discuss the type of biosecurity measures that are followed. What is performed to confirm a sow is pregnant and when does this occur? Sow Housing Why are the sows kept in individual stalls? What are advantages of doing so? What are challenges of group housing? Why must newborn piglets consume colostrum? Name two aspects you learned or found interesting after viewing this video. Estrus Detection and AI Follow the links below to view how estrus is detected and watch a video of a sow being artificially inseminated. Make sure you watch all videos associated with each link. Videos: Name two signs that may indicate a sow or gilt is in heat. Describe the steps involved when performing the artificial insemination process. For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: On-time delivery guarantee PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% money-back guarantee 100% Privacy and Confidentiality High Quality custom-written papers