Common methods of leader development.

Part 1: Action-observation-reflection model: Leadership development is enhanced when people do something (act), note what happened (observe), and think about what occurred (reflect) Reflection: Think about a recent time when you had to plan an event, this event could be writing a paper for school, scheduling an appointment, preparing for a job interview, or having your car repaired for example. Nearly all activities can use the AOR model, although certainly not all require this depth of analysis. These activities can be used as learning experience as well. Briefly describe an event where you used the AOR model, or in retrospect, would use the AOR model if faced with a similar situation, what did you learn? Part 2: You have previously read about some common methods of leader development. Which method do you think would be most effective? Why? Support your decision with evidence from readings, external sources, and personal and professional experiences. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.