Conditions of Carriage

Contracts and Negotiation in Air Transport- AVN 3030 Outcome B1.1; B1.2 ASSIGNMENT: Conditions of Carriage As a class,you are studying the conditions of carriage (CoC) issued by Emirates Airline. As an individualor as a pair you should select two(2) airline carriers from North America, Europe or Asia and compare the similarities and differences between the CoC of each with the CoC of Emirates Airline. Your task is to identify: a) Common conditions b) Variations in conditions c) Any shortcomings in the conditions which may exposethe airlines to risk d) Present your findings in class Requirements The assignment is to be 2500 -3000 words and presented,by an individual OR in pairs, as a professional report including citations and a List of References identifying all of your sources. You will be required to explain the main findings of your report in class as a short presentation of no more than 15 minutes. The written report is to be submitted to Turnitin and a certificate attached to it. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.