contemporary role, skills and competencies of Quantity Surveyors.

Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary role, skills and competencies of Quantity Surveyors. ¢ Develop measurement skills and required qualities through an in-depth knowledge of and ability in measurement. The quantity surveying profession has greatly evolved since its formation in the 17th-18th century. With the changing nature of the modern day construction, the traditional role of the Quantity Surveyor has significantly changed to fulfil the today’s marketplace needs by filling the gaps across different sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, and so on. You are required to write a report to critically discuss how the contemporary role, skills and competencies of a quantity surveyor and its future prospects could add value to construction projects across different industries. Ensure that you relate your discussion to both the consultant and contractor Quantity Surveyor’s perspectives and different stages in a construction project life “cycle. Part 2 A 30 storey apartment building is proposed to be constructed in an area close to a body of water. Due to poor ground conditions, this requires pile foundations. Page 2 of 8 Attached drawings show just the first stage of part of the foundation construction, with structural steelwork to follow. Due to the close proximity of water, a necessity in the first stage is to stabilise the ground through the introduction of steel sheet piling to be driven into the ground. This will act as a barrier to prevent ingress of groundwater whilst, within the area for piling, ground dewatering is undertaken to stabilise the soil to allow the main second stage driven piling to occur. Attached drawings show the plan and section of the pile foundations. Your task is to take off quantities for steel sheet piling and driven pre-cast concrete piling from the attached drawings and the following specification notes in accordance with the Australian Standard Method of Measurement (ASMM). Specification notes: ¢ Assume that all excavation and removal of spoil has been undertaken already to reach the commencing surface. ¢ The steel sheet piling is to be removed following construction of the second stage driven piling. ¢ Finished level of steel sheet piling is 2m above commencing level. ¢ For steel sheet piling, strutting, waling, laps, interlocks and angles ˜as engineering specification’ ¢ Note that the steel sheet piling comes in sections 4m high and will require splicing. ¢ Pile shoes are required to be measured and described as ˜as engineering specification’ ¢ Precast concrete piles require excess to be cut off. ¢ Precast concrete piles will be reinforced concrete grade c25 design (reinforcement described ˜as engineer’s specification’). ¢ All reinforcement to pile cap should be measured as a provisional sum. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.