Contract Administration

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Please See attached file for specification. With regards to references and sources, my tutor said the main source is the JCT Building form of contract this is essential for assignment as the scenario is based on this form of building contract, you can use additional sources/references also to support the JCT Building contract. Aim of the Assignment Principal aim of the assignment is to enable students to obtain a greater understanding of the role of the contract administrator and his relationship with the employer/contractor. Assignment Brief Scenario The contract is for stripping the flat roof of one block and re-covering it with new insulation and felt including repairs to the timber deck of the Main Building at Aston University. Contract Value is £0.5M, including a provisional sum of £10,000 for works of an unforeseen nature. The contract period is 6 months and the contract is JCT Standard Building Contract 2011. The contractor has tendered on a Bill of Quantities provided by the architect which includes a specific quantity for repairs to the timber deck. The project however has not progressed well. The work is being done for the Estates Department, who represent the University. As the University Board is not happy with the current CA’s work, you have been appointed by the University Board to look at their concerns on the project. The University Board provides you with the following information: The Estate Department is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment on the roof and have their own maintenance budget. The contract period was 24 weeks and has already overrun by 6 weeks and is only 75% completed. The contract started in November and there had been occasional snow falls over a period of 4 weeks from mid-December. Although the contract is only 75% complete the interim payments made amount to 90% of the contract value. At the first progress meeting the contractor issued a report stating that based on the extent of timber repairs found at the time of the meeting the repairs are predicted to be higher than given in the contract documents. This does not seem to have been acted upon by the CA. You do find out that the University had a copy of the minutes of the meeting. You are given copies of the interim payment certificates with copies of the CA’s valuations. The contractor in the last 6 weeks has submitted invoices on a two week cycle even though the contract conditions laid down a 4-weekly payment period. The University Estates Department has issued verbal instructions to the contractor for marking out walkways across the roof for their maintenance contractors which they consider necessary. The contractor has submitted day work sheets for this work for being paid for on a cost plus basis with no supporting documentation. The University Board say that they consider that there are areas of substandard work which do not appear to have been brought to the contractor’s attention. These areas you are told are covered up. The university is unhappy with the number of inspections the CA has made. They consider that the number made is fewer than they expected to be made for a project of this size and complexity. The Estates department does have copies of the site inspection reports with photographs produced by the CA which have been made available to you. Task You are required to submit an initial report to the University; Analysing the current situation of the project. Recommending a course of action to be taken to rectify the situation. Discussing likely outcomes / consequences of the actions recommended. Identify what further documents you expect to see and the effect of any missing. Relevant contract clauses and case law needs to be cited to back up your analysis / recommendations.