Counseling Strategies for LGBTQ Families Analysis

Instructions on: Counseling Strategies for LGBTQ Families Analysis Instructions: Review the readings for this week. Writer must be Psychology Major in Counseling, to understand what theories to use in Counseling to complete assignment Course name is: Marriage Family, Individual Group Child Counseling I will send as an attachment 3 Articles on LGBTQ counseling considerations Conduct a search in the university library for peer-reviewed articles on counseling considerations for LGBTQ families. Write a 3 page paper word analysis on issues faced by LGBTQ families. Include the following : ¢ Summarize two to three potential issues that LGBTQ families may encounter. ¢ Describe the effects of these issues on the family. ¢ Explain how you would address these issues in a counseling session. Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources. Below is information per Instructor/ please follow instructions; ¢ Please utilize transitional sentences that lead into the next session versus depending solely on sub-headers to transition. ¢ Be sure in to indent all paragraphs. ¢ Please include a Conclusion to wrap up thoughts and formulations for entire paper. ¢ Format: assignment consistent with 6 Edition APA guidelines. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.