Create a Communication Related to the Google in China Dilemma

PLEASE WRITE THIS LETTER ON BEHALF OF THE VICE PRESIDENT OF GOOGLE TO THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE WHICH I WILL BE UPLOADING IN THE ATTACHED FILE. READ THE CASE THOROUGHLY AND THEN WRITE THIS LETTER BASED ON THE ARTCLE. HERE ARE SOME OF THE KEY POINTS WHICH I WOULD WANT YOU TO FOLLOW WHEN WRITING THIS LETTER. Assume you are Eliot Schrage. Write his letter delivered to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang asking for assistance. “ Emphasize relationships (trust and consistency) between China and Google Showing concerns/respect to please the government Google as the first foreign engine in China¦ may be they can work further Compromise? May be not¦ Keep negotiation Be trustful what is the aim?- The goal of letter and press release it to help Google to access to China without breaking their own corporate ethics. “ We need to show concern and respect for Government. Build trust between the two. “ We need to show benefits of the relationship between Google and China for both parties. “ We need to the need for Google (search engine) to exist in China. “ We need to make sure we as Google are consistent in our information, terms of conditions, etc. to be reliable and to gain trust of China. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.