creating of a merger proposal for two companies.

¢ Choose two companies in the United States. ¢ Describe the companies and their products and respective industries. ¢ Provide a brief analysis of their annual financial reports (last three years). ¢ Provide a trend analysis of financial ratios over the three years. In your trend analysis, analyze the company in terms of liquidity, profitability, market value, and capital structure. Part II: ¢ Describe why you see synergistic effects between the two companies. ¢ Describe the potential growth after a merger. ¢ Support your arguments based on financial information of Milestone One. ¢ Do you anticipate any anti-takeover measure from the target company? If yes, what would you advise the bidder? ¢ Are there any anti-takeover measures that apply to these companies? If yes, include them here. ¢ Could there be agency problems in a potential deal? From the bidder’s standpoint? From the target’s standpoint? Part III: ¢ Examine and describe the post-merger company (valuation, competitive advantage). ¢ Conclude by presenting a strong case to the executive management teams. Your goal is to sell the project as a successful merger for both bidder and target companies. ¢ You must have evidence based on research and using industry analysis and company valuation strategies. Be sure to include counterarguments as needed. ¢ Do you anticipate any issue on the post-merger company (corporate culture, management structures, etc.)? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.