Creative Response with Exegesis

Creative Response with Exegesis (2,000 words) 1,500 words for the topic chosen + 500 exegesis Description: This assignment focuses on reading and responding creatively to the readings, ideas and issues raised in the latter half of the course. Broad prompts will be provided [see topics below]; you may respond in any genre, form, or style that is appropriate within the scope of the course. Submissions must comply with the ˜Creative Response Manuscript Presentation Guidelines’ [see below] and the ˜Guidelines for Exegeses’ [see below]. Criteria & Marking: The Creative Response asks students to respond imaginatively to a theme related to their course reading and to exercise skills in the craft of writing such as the use of narrative voice, plot structure, point of view, metaphor, dialogue, etc. The Exegesis demonstrates your ability to employ self-criticism as an essential part of the creative process. You will be asked to consider your creative product as if you were the critic of your own work. This assessment aims to develop your confidence as a writer, and your understanding of publishing industry demands. Select one of the following topics: 1) Identity/Hi-density/Textuality Write a 3-page performance poem about cultural issues in the neighbourhood where you live or where you grew up. For the exegesis, explain how your poem is inspired by the work of Urayoán Noel. 2) Identity/Hi-density/Visuality The same as for 1) above, except that you submit the 3-page poem as a video of yourself on YouTube performing the poem. For the exegesis, explain how your performance is inspired by the work of Urayoán Noel. I think this one is the easiest one 3) Please Look After Father/Sister/Brother Write a 1500-word short story about what you might describe as ˜your family culture’. You can include several family members as characters, but one of them “ NOT mother “ should be the main focus of your narrative. For the exegesis, explain how your story is inspired by the work of Kyung-sook Shin. 4) Write a 1500-word short story, or a 3-page poem, based in your thinking about one of these cultural issues: a) Othering b) Cultural appropriation c) Bhabha’s Third Space d) Culture shock For the exegesis, explain how your story is inspired by the research and reading you have done on the selected issue. GUIDELINES FOR EXEGESES In providing an exegesis, a practitioner gives an account of the thinking behind a creative work, and may also state a rationale for the work. The exegesis is the practitioner’s own critique of the practice and theory that has gone into the work. It can include an analysis of the influences and contexts that have helped shape the work. It can also include an account of the writer’s stance, attitude and message. Typical ways of writing an exegesis include quoting from, and making an argument based on, primary and secondary source texts related to the writing process, alongside your own considered viewpoint as practitioner. CREATIVE RESPONSE MANUSCRIPT PRESENTATION GUIDELINES For best results in terms of presentation, manuscripts submitted to publishers, magazines or competitions should comply with the following: ¢ be word processed; ¢ be free of grammatical, spelling and typographical errors; ¢ be introduced by a title page showing title of work, and name, address, email and phone/fax number of writer; ¢ be double-spaced; ¢ if printed, be on one side of the page only; ¢ utilize a clear, simple 12 pt font, e.g. Ariel or Times New Roman (unless, of course, something special and interesting is being done with fonts); ¢ be set out with generous margins (2.5cm) on both left and right sides; ¢ have numbered pages (extremely important for editing reference purposes); ¢ have the writer’s name on each page (and if more than one MS submitted, have title on each page too) “ this can be done as a header or footer; ¢ comply with the appropriate presentational guidelines if such are given by a competition, magazine, etc; ¢ be simply presented without distracting flourishes. For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: ¢ On-time delivery guarantee ¢ PhD-level writers ¢ Automatic plagiarism check ¢ 100% money-back guarantee ¢ 100% Privacy and Confidentiality ¢ High Quality custom-written papers