Critical issues in conducting an ethnographic investigation

Identify and discuss three further critical issues in conducting anethnographic investigation Refer explicitly to at least six of the attachments. Also refer to other readings and/or your own research to support your response. SPECIFIC CRITERIA Understanding of the question or issue and the key concepts involved ¢ understanding of the task and its relationship to relevant areas of theory and educational research ¢ clarity and accuracy in use of key terms and concepts in qualitative research and ethnographic inquiry Depth of analysis and interpretation in response to the task ¢ depth of understanding of key concepts and issues that arise in the required readings from days 1 and 2 (Assessment 1) then days 3 and 4 (Assessment 2) and from your follow up readings ¢ depth of analysis and interpretation relating to definitions, explanations and discussion of ethnography, including conceptually, theoretically and practically related concerns