Culturally Relevant Inspiration

Culturally Relevant Inspiration A number of important resources supporting the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of culturally relevant instructional experiences are available online. Throughout this course, you have had many opportunities to view a number of such resources. This assignment encourages you to reflect on the key concepts presented in the course through the creation of a web-based presentation or website that you can use in the future to support your teaching efforts. The goal is to showcase several model schools or programs representing what you have learned thus far regarding culturally relevant practices, creativity, and innovation. A plethora of options exists as you search for model schools or programs. While the K-12 public school setting may be on the forefront of your mind, remember there are a variety of learning environments available, such as charter and private schools, technical programs, post-secondary education and training programs, schools and programs pertaining to the military, Sunday schools and other religious schools, and more. Therefore, expand your search efforts to gain a well-rounded perspective to share in your website or web-based presentation. The resource you create can also be shared with colleagues (as well as the public in general) to advocate for implementing a more culturally-relevant instructional approach to professional practice. A listing of good free tools you might choose to use as you develop a website is presented in the Instructor Guidance. Each tool includes its own collection of help files and tutorials to support your creative endeavor. Similarly, there are numerous web-based tools that could be utilized to create an interactive presentation, such as animoto, knovio, prezi, or Use your creativity and try something new! Review the Week Four Instructor Guidance for detailed assistance about preparing for and completing this assignment. Next, construct your assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations below. Content Expectations Website or Web-based Presentation Content (8 points): Create a Website or Web-based Presentation that includes each of the following items: A separate page/slide for the three schools. Each page needs: A link to the school or program The location and general demographic information about the students A summary of why the school or program is innovative and/or unique A list of the 21st century skills supported by the school or program A description of how the learning experiences reflect culturally relevant pedagogy A description of how the school and/or program promotes creativity in the classroom for both teachers and students Website or Web-based Presentation Appearance (1.25 points): The Website or Web-based Presentation is well organized, formatted with high-contrast colors, and includes a logical navigational structure among pages and embedded or linked videos or photos. Written Communication Expectations APA Formatting (.25 points): Format any references used according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Syntax and Mechanics (.25 points): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Source Requirement (.25 points): Reference three sources to provide compelling evidence to support ideas. All sources on the references page in the Website or Web-based Presentation need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment. Next Steps: Review and Submit the Assignment Review your assignment with the Grading Rubric to ensure you have achieved the distinguished levels of performance for each criterion. Submit a cover sheet with the link in Waypoint so that you can receive specific feedback about your site in Waypoint. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.