the introduction in Dancefilm by Erin Brannigan as she outlines the relationship that film and dance have that you might need to raise in the dance theoretical framework. Her work might be interesting to use in terms of how she applies a framework to particular works. You will see how dance in film theory adopts a cross-disciplinary approach and uses film theory with dance theorists such as Foster. so please use Foster theory find a theory that should fit in with my proposal and applies and then find it’s applicability with the Kuwaiti cinema A book you might want to drop into is Envisoning Dance on film and video edited by Judy Mitoma. It’s more an example of documentation that might be of interest to you on how others bring dance and film together. See also the various journals, such as Dance Research Journal, Writings on Dance, Women and Performance¦where you will find examples of how other authors have done so. I strongly advise you to look at International Journal of Screendance vol. 4 and Dance on Camera Journal. Use your Athens password to get access “ or speak to the library. summarise Foster theory and talk about the good/bad side and its applicability to Kuwaiti cinema so then you can make a link with dance and film as disciplines and how you will be using particular theorists. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.