Dancing with the Wolves and the Body Guard

Create minimum of 8 slides, using Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (excluding references and title) describing your selected genres and how your chosen films fit or do not not fit the standard model of the genres Include the following: Description of your selected genres Description of the films’ following components: Summary of the film’s story Setting & lighting Makeup & costumes Music & sound Editing Discussion of the films as either typical or atypical of their respective genres and how each film’s components support your view Address social context aspects of films as discussed in Ch. 10 of Film by writing the following for inclusion on one Microsoft PowerPoint slide: Discuss your films in terms of its social context. What influences from their time period are present in the films? Consider how the films might be different were they made in another time and places. Why and how would they be different? All slides must have images. All of your slides must have descriptive Speaker Notes. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Then look no further. Our team of experienced writers are on standby to deliver to you a quality written paper as per your specified instructions. Order Now, and enjoy an amazing discount!!