Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements discussion a bout the work i have done on bioinformatics so there are several question u have to answer them in the discussion . You have to look at the data you obtained from the BLAST comparisons. Did you get any homology at the DNA level? (What genes did you find? Did you find long sequences with no mismatches? Was the E value approaching zero?) Did you get any homology at the protein sequence level? (same questions) Did you find any protein domains that were conserved between the bacterial protein and the mammalian proteins? What does it all mean for the structure/function of the protein? In blast : did u find significant , long stretches of dna sequence homology between e coli and musculus ? Did u find any homology between the nei gene and the nei “ like mouse genes ? Did u find significant stretches of amino acid sequence homology between e . coli and M. musculus ? Did u find homology between thenei protein and the nei- like mouse protein ?