Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground

chose Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground parts one and two to write about Option 1: Unreliable Narrators Choose a text with an unreliable narrator and contrast the narrator’s version of what happens with your own reconstruction of events. Your reconstruction of the plot should be based on clues within the text such as contradictions within the narration or impossibilities that the narrator doesn’t account for. What does the narrator leave out or misinterpret? How do we know? What lines of text let us know that something is wrong or missing in the narrator’s version? Option 2: Defamiliarization Choose one text from the reading list for this course and describe how the author defamiliarizes the content. Define defamiliarization using quotations from the lecture slides or other scholarly source and then describe how the author of your choice does this in a given work of literature. What would normal readers expect to find? What in the text does might the reader find surprising or unfamiliar? What conventional wisdom does the author defamiliarize? How does the author’s depiction of a person, institution, society, object, etc. force the reader to reconsider it? What descriptive terms seem unusual or inappropriate? Why? Option 3: Theory of Mind, Part 2 Discuss the use of theory-of-mind by characters and the effects it has on the plot in one of the texts we have read since essay 1 (Sarmiento, Machado, Coleridge, Rossetti, Hugo, Dostoevsky, or Chekhov). Describe how one character’s knowledge of another character’s thinking causes events in the plot. Cite passages of dialogue that reveal the mental states of the characters. Compare what one character thinks to what another character thinks he/she thinks. Identify plot events that depend on one character misunderstanding another’s thinking. You may include the author’s use of theory-of-mind, also. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.