Dr. Snow and the Cholera Epidemic

TufteWorksheet Read the first part of Tufte’s booklet (pages 5-15) and answer the questions below. Either bring your answers to class or upload them into Canvas before class on Monday. Part I: Dr. Snow and the Cholera Epidemic Look at Tufte’s description of Dr. Snow’s displays of data(pages 5-15). What is the story? Why was this an important case study of visual displays of data? What were the elements of this story that pulled the ideas and data together into new knowledge? Considering the map graph, spanning pages 8-9: What data is it displaying? Which of the displayed data is (are) the cause(s)? Which is (are) are the effect(s)? How do you know? Why is it an improvement to the time graph on page 7? How does it compare with the other bar graphs of the data? What information is unique to each? Why do you think Tufte purposefully left it black and white except for sight additions of the yellow? What are the outliers in this graph? That is, items that don’t seem to fit with the rest of the story? What are the limitations of such a dot map? (See definition of dot map on page 13.) Hire a ghost writer, Writing Assignment services, Write My Term paper, Essay In Six (6) hours, Term Paper Help, Case study help, Hire a ghost writer