E-Learning (online fitness course on game consoles and smarts tv)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements A brief overview of the subject to be taught, the rationale for the e-learning course and choice of technology, the target audience and requirements for the platform. Clear aims and learning outcomes that are reflected in the planning of the course. The plan and design of the e-learning environment with the implementation of one lesson or chapter. This should be made accessible online. A discussion of the theoretical Foundations that discusses the methods of teaching and learning to be used in the design and delivery of the game. Depending on the topic chosen any relevant social, psychological, multimedia theories etc. should also be included. Justification must be given for the use of such methods, with reference to the target audience, context and level of study, learning outcomes etc. The research must have at least one lesson, in this case i was thinking about how the fitness tutor could explain the importance of stretching before doing any physical exercise, all of this interacting with students via a Kinect on a game console such as Xbox or Playstation.