Ecological model

Describe the ecological model Study Notes. The focus of this week’s discussion is the conceptual basis for community psychology (CP). Nelson & Prilleltensky (2010), in Chapters 4-6, provide an overview of the key concepts relevant to the conduct of community psychology. Consider the relevance of the ecological metaphor (Figure 4.1; Nelson & Prilleltensky, 2010) to understanding the interdependence of individuals and their physical, social, cultural and historical contexts. Consider the implications of the person-ecology interdependence for conducting promotion and prevention programming related to key social issues. Review Nelson & Prilleltensky’s (2010) guidelines for psych political validity (Tables 6.1 & 6.2). Consider how your own personal experiences with power and injustice are likely to influence your sense of commitment and accountability to social change at collective, relational, and personal levels. 2 Assignment Readings: ¿½ Nelson & Prilleltensky (2010), Chapters 4-6 ¿½ Reverson et al. (2002), Chapters 3 & 4 Learner identified professional journal articles. These are available via PsycArticles through the Walden Library on-line data base access at 1. describe the ecological model and apply it to a social issue that is of interest to you. Be sure to show how the social issue you choose can be explained from an ecological perspective. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.