essay papers( ethics)

Answer each of the questions below. You have worked very hard throughout your undergraduate career and have earned a 4.0 GPA. With your grades, extracurricular activities and social connections you are a shoe-in to be admitted to Harvard Medical School. The only thing necessary to secure your admission is to perform exceptionally well on the MCAT. After studying for the exam for several months you go to sleep the night before the exam to be sure you are well rested. At 3:30 am you are awaken by a phone call from your roommate of three years who has woken up alone in their car on the highway after a night of partying. Your roommate is still highly inebriated and unable to drive home. Your roommate gives you an address to pick them up at a location that is a 90 minute drive away. If you don?t agree to pick them up your roommate says they will try to drive home on their own. What is the most moral thing to do? 1- Which of the Aristotelian virtues would support your choice to continue to rest in preparation for the MCAT. Which of the Aristotelian virtues would support your choice to pick up your inebriated roommate? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements. 2- Use Kant?s Categorical Imperative to determine if there is a universalizable decision to be made in this ethical dilemma. Please express you answer in essay form. No charts or figures. 3- Use Utilitarian Theory to discuss what choice might bring the greatest amount of pleasure over the least amount of pain. 4-Regarding this ethical dilemma, by what social contracts are you bound to be well-rested to take the MCAT. By what social contracts are you bound to pick up your inebriated roommate.