Evaluating Knowledge Management sources

Assignment 1: Evaluating Knowledge Management sources Aim: To encourage you to explore the wide range of both professional and academic sources and communities interested in and offering information on knowledge management Brief: You are asked to identify and evaluate TEN key sources that provide information on knowledge management and that you would recommend to others. Such sources should include a mixture of websites and portals, practitioner journals, and academic journals. Write a short 100-150 word review on each, indicating the scope and purpose of the source, its authority, its intended audience, and why you have included it in your recommendations. Assignment 2: Information and Knowledge tools, technologies and artifacts Aim: To develop an understanding as to why and how ONE specific knowledge tool, systems other artifact contributes to information and knowledge-based activities within organizations or communities. Further, through (non-assessed) presentations, students will share their knowledge of these technologies. Brief: You should choose ONE specific knowledge management tool, technology or artifact and to prepare a short presentation to inform your fellow course members about this technology, and its contribution to knowledge management within organizations. In other words, you should assume that they know no more than you did about the technology before you started to read about it. Some examples are: intranets, group work systems, search engines, collaborative learning systems, social media, crowd computing, artificial intelligence and expert systems, geographical information systems, and data warehouses. You should be able to find sufficient information for this task in textbooks, but make sure that you read more than one, and update your understanding with reference to recent web pages and other current sources. On the basis of this research you are asked to write a brief, 1500 word report to hand-in, and to prepare a basic 10 minute (non-assessed) presentation to share your findings with other students. Assignment 3: Communities of practice Aim: to better understand the experience and processes of associated with the social dimension of the exchange and sharing of knowledge and information, through the study of a specific community of practice or social networking site. Brief: You are asked to identify ONE community of practice, or social networking website. You may choose either a business or professional community (e.g. health professionals; security experts) or a social community (e.g. parents; music enthusiasts; F1 motor sports spectators). (If you are unsure about the distinction between these two concepts as they apply to your selection for this assignment please discuss this with a tutor). Write a brief, 1000 word report, covering the following aspects of the community: ¢ A profile of its members (who are they, where are they, etc?) ¢ The benefits that it delivers to members (why do people join? Are people exchanging information and knowledge, or social support and friendship?) and any organizations associated with the community ¢ Recent discussion topics/themes ¢ Comments on governance structures or controls ¢ An evaluation as to the long-term sustainability of the community Assignment 5: Reflection on learning process Aim: To demonstrate that you can apply some of the concepts in this unit, in particular those relating to learning, and reflect on your learning process for the unit Brief: You are asked to write a short concluding comment (750 words) evaluating your learning on this unit. This statement might include: ¢ An indication of what skills and knowledge you feel that you have acquired through this unit, with specific reference to how they may be useful to your future ¢ An evaluation of the learning process including: any things that you found difficult, any particular successes, and anything that you have learnt about yourself through the study process. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.