Exam Order Description Below please find 4 questions, from which you are to choose 3 to answer. Each answer must not be more than 700 words long, single spaced. You may use any printed or electronic source as long as they are adequately referenced. I do check for plagiarism, and will apply an F to any exam in which I find it. Grading will be 80% content and 20% writing. I strongly suggest you use spell check and grammar check, and proof-read your answers at least twice before you send them to me. 1. In the popular press we saw reports of behavior in the New Orleans area after the onset of Hurricane Katrina that, at first glance, might seem to be at odds with the literature about human behavior in disasters. Please describe the behavior, its potential conflict with the readings we had, and why people might or might not have behaved differently in this event. Be sure to provide whatever references are appropriate to support your view. 2. The public health response to the 2004 South Asian tsunami is widely described as being quite successful. Please write about what kinds of problems might have been expected, and how the response successfully intervened. 3. In early 2010 we had major earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. The health consequences of these two major earthquakes are remarkably different from each other. Please briefly describe what the differences are in the health outcomes, and explain what you think are the causal relationships that are expected to lead to a better outcome in Chile than in Haiti. Where possible, cite relevant references. 4. In the Black Plague of the early Middle Ages about half of the European population died. Please describe why such an outcome would be unlikely today. What kind of epidemic could, indeed, wipe out half of the population in modern Europe or North America? Why? ””””“ PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT