Execution Day

Execution Day Detail is key in this, you get marks mainly for how well you describe whats happening and feelings. Not Much has to happen all you need is too describe his thoughts and feelings throughout the stages as detailed below. 1. Preparation for the electric chair, e.g getting head shaved his feelings about dying how scared he is, Hoping the governor will call and issue a stay of execution. Again good dramatic description is key to getting marks. 2.Walking to the death chamber “ He is sitting in his cell the guards and a priest show up to escort him to the chair once again dramatic description of how he feels how scared he is etc¦ 3. Getting strapped into the chair the witnesses looking at him with hate in their eyes, them placing the hood on him as he sees last sight. 4. The governor does not call and at Midnight the chair is turned on however due to his large size the usual 60 seconds did not kill him and instead he wakes up breathing heavily and in agony trying to mouth turn it on, after about 30 seconds which seemed like an eternity they switched it on again and he died. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.