Exploring Music

Exploring Music Extra Credit #2 In Germany, the 19th century was known as the Age of Song. For romantic composers, fusing literature with music represented artistic perfection. The Lied (pronounced leet) blended German poetry with piano collaboration. Lieder represent an intimate genre of music utilizing a solo singer partnered with piano. In most cases, the piano acts as more than mere accompaniment as it is able to musically enhance the text, depict moods and atmospheres, and in some cases represent a character in the poem. For this assignment you will choose any three Lieder and write a 2-3 page paper (double spaced, 12 point font with 1 inch margins) based on the following guidelines to include in your paper: Read the translation of the poetry and establish your own interpretation. Are there any words or phrases that lend themselves to musical depiction? If you were the composer how might you musically depict words or phrases or the mood/ atmosphere of the piece using only one singer and a piano? Listen to the Lied and follow along with the translation. How does you analysis from Question 1 differ or parallel the composer’s interpretation? Pay particular attention to the relationship between the voice, text, and piano keeping in mind the piano offers more than just harmonic support. Provide examples of how the piano enhances the text, creates a mood or atmosphere, or depicts a character from the poem. Does the musical and vocal setting suit the poetry? Explain. Is the setting strophic or through-composed? How does this affect the Lied? Below are YouTube links to each Lied. Translations of the text are available in the Extra Credit no. 2 folder; print them out for your convenience if you wish. Robert Schumann, Die alten, bösen Lieder from Dichterliebe Ludwig van Beethoven, Der Kuß, opus 128 Franz Schubert, Ganymed Robert Schumann, Ich grolle nicht from Dichterliebe Franz Schubert, Nähe des Geliebten Clara Schumann, Liebst du um Schönheit Franz Schubert, Der Lindenbaum from Wintereise Franz Schubert, Rastlose Liebe Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.