features of the Fair Labor Standards Act

For this assignment, you will be researching the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). For the first section of your paper: Assess the main features of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Compare the definitions of exempt and nonexempt employees. Evaluate at least three criteria that differentiate an exempt and nonexempt employee. In spring 2014, President Obama sent a memo to the US Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary directing reform of FLSA to address white collar exemptions and, effectively, increase the number of employees entitled to overtime pay. Research some of the likely revisions the DOL is considering such as increase in minimum salary requirements and change to the current primary duty test. For the second section of your paper: Analyze how the potential modifications differ from the 1938 law and how the status of exempt and nonexempt employees might be altered by the proposed changes. Analyze some of the controversies associated with these modifications. Include the union’s objections and justify your view whether these changes benefit employees or the employer and whether you prefer the current FLSA law or the proposed changes. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Then look no further. Our team of experienced writers are on standby to deliver to you a quality written paper as per your specified instructions. Order Now, and enjoy an amazing discount!!