Financial Management for Managers

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Coursework (Maximum word count 3,000 words) Required: You are required to select a public limited company from the list below, conduct research and write a 3,000-word assignment addressing the following questions: 1. Analyse the firm’s financial performance during the last three years. Identify the financial actions taken and policies adopted during these years, as far as you can tell from the available information. Investigate and discuss to what extent you think the company has been able to increase shareholders’ wealth through the financial actions you have identified. (40%) 2. Critically evaluate important qualitative factors analysts should consider when evaluating a firm’s likely future financial performance. (20%) 3. Critically evaluate the extent to which you agree with the statement that corporate governance helps ensure achievement and retention of shareholders’ wealth using your selected company. (40%) Substantiate your answer with appropriate theories or concepts, relevant supporting calculations and empirical evidence/examples. Choose one of the following companies: “ BT Plc; or “ Tesco Plc; or “ Marks and Spencer Plc; or “ Sainsbury Plc