Gantt Chart

Creation of a Gantt Chart through Microsoft Project software. These are to be followed: The starting date is 20th April 2015, End date 29th November 2015. “ Definition Phase “ Supervisor meeting “ Material collection “ Analysis “ In depth literature review “ Collecting information of the current designs “ Submission of the literature “ writing chapter 1 and 2 “ supervisor meeting “ preparing the progress report for 6 July “ Presentation of the project 24th August 2015 “ Searching in the domain of future buildings for smart cities “ How the elevators will fit through the building “ starting to study the idea of the design “ Sorting an agreement with the supervisor with regard to the creation of the design “ writing chapters about Smart Cities and how the elevators will fit in these area “ study the design, motion and the stress analysis “ Writing chapters about the cost of the elevators in the market “ Speed limitation of the elevators toward human “ Creating the concept design of the future elevator “ Starting to create the solid work “ The simulation of motion You also have to try to astonish the Gantt Chart from your experience, as I might not mentioned everything. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.