Television is a particularly important source of gender socialization. For this paper, you are to choose one TV show. You may choose any type of show, including news, sports, drama, situation comedy, soap opera, game show, reality TV, cartoon, etc. Watch one or more episodes carefully (ideally, record one or more episodes and watch several times). Analyze the gender messages present in the show, and write a paper based on your analysis. Your paper should contain the following elements: Describe the show. You should mention the channel, time, date(s), genre, intended audience, and basic plot. Describe the gender patterns on the show. How many women and men are on the show? What roles do they play? How do they interact? Analyze the gender messages: How do various characters do gender? Are there multiple images of gender present? Do these images vary by race, class, sexual identity, age, or other statuses? Do any images of gender seem to be more valued than others? What are the consequences for failing to do gender appropriately? Don’t forget to analyze the ads that occur during the program. What messages do they convey about gender? Based on the ads, who do you think is the intended audience for this show? Your overall conclusions: What are the main gender messages on the show? Are they traditional or non-traditional, and why? How might these messages affect viewers, both male and female? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.