Group’s Choice for Manufacturing Organization: Emerson

Group’s Choice for Service Organization: OG&E Part 1 “ (Group Activity) Identify the products or services provided by each organization. Emerson “ Regulators, Valves, Pipeline OG&E “ Power creation, Residential power service, Natural Gas Services Provide links (if available) to financial reports, otherwise include relevant information related to the financial statements in this document. Compare and contrast the income statements of both organizations. Emerson does a lot more annual volume than OG&E, but OGE runs a higher gross margin Emerson has several segments of business while OG&E only has 2 OG&E owns 49% of Enable Midstream and shares controlling interest with Centerpoint Energy Emerson fully owns every segment of each division Answer the following questions: Compare and contrast the balance sheets of both organizations. Provide examples of product and period costs for each organization. Provide examples of fixed, variable, mixed, and step costs. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.