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Pay close attention to the following when preparing your speech: Clear thesis: What is your perspective? Clear connection to international issue: How does this extend beyond the US? Introduction: attention-getter, relevance to audience, thesis statement, preview. Conclusion: signal end of speech, summarize main points, decisive close. Supporting materials: include a minimum of five source citations throughout your speech. Support each main point with a variety of supporting material: examples, statistics, testimony, narratives, definitions. All five of your sources must be printed. For this type of speaking, books and newspapers are often the best sources to turn to. Quality of argument: Rational? Logical? Compelling? Typed, proofread formal outline. Required to use PowerPoint as visual aid (must email to instructor before speech) References Page: 5 sources, typed and following the 6th edition of the APA Style Manual. Must all be PRINTED sources (you can access originally printed sources online through library databases, etc. in which case they will count as printed). Delivery: Your delivery will count more for this speech. You should have eliminated verbal fillers, have little to no fluency hiccups, make eye contact for 75% of the speech, have vocal variety (rate, pitch, volume), and appropriate gestures. Practice, practice, practice!!! (6-10 times) CRITERIA FOR A GOOD FINAL SPEECH: Important: A good idea, it matters to society, it is interesting to you as the speaker and you make it interesting and relevant to the audience by telling them why this topic effects them. Cogent: A good argument, invitational, evidence based, a clear and warranted claim. Clear: Easy to follow, well organized, appropriately signposted, complete. Well presented: Conversational, interactive, articulate, respectful. Lasting: MEMORABLE! (You are expected to have mastered speech organization, so this speech will be strictly graded on substantiation of argument, quality of argument and support, oral citation of sources, delivery) Generating Persuasive Speech Ideas: You should spend much time thinking about your topic area. You want to make sure it’s broad enough to get some good research, but narrow enough to be manageable. You also want to make sure that you can make it relevant to the audience and that it’s a current topic that people are discussing and debating. You want to care about your topic, but you also want to be able to approach it in a way that’s going to make people want to listen to you without your personal politics/emotions taking over. PowerPoint Guidelines for Persuasive Speech 1) You must use Slideshow during your persuasive speeches 2) You will be using Slideshow as a visual aid not a presentation aid “ Keep your presentation simple “ You must include some text and some picture(s) “ At minimum, you must have two slides “ At maximum, you may have five slides “ Only have your slide displayed when it is relevant. This means you will need to insert a black slide to have showing behind you when you are not speaking about something that is on your Slideshow.The black slides do not count toward your 2-5 slides. “ Do not have more than 6 lines of text per slide Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.