SELECT and submit a response to one (1) Discussion Question (DQ) Utilizes multiple, supplemental resources to research and support response positions. Integrate personal and/or professional examples to demonstrate application of principles APA-style Discussion Question 1 (DQ1): As healthcare organizations (HCOs) begin to utilize disparate systems increasingly for data input, storage and analysis, they require greater integration and interoperability between various systems. Describe the various systems impacted and why data integration is important. What are the key issues“both to data systems internal and external to the enterprise? Discussion Question 2 (DQ2): Compare and contrast different types of patient records with respect to inpatient and outpatient encounters. How do associated patient flows in these encounters impact the type of patient-related data collected? Discussion Question 3 (DQ3): Healthcare organizations are moving toward, or at least anticipating, patient-centered themes with respect to their IT systems. Discuss why the patient-centric theme important to HCOs and impact their data systems? Discuss the issues and how the patient-centric theme impacts existing and new systems, both internal and external to the HCO?