Hedge Funds

You are required to select an academic article that addresses a topic on Hedge Funds and write an essay on that topic. Your arguments in the essay should be supported by the relevant references. The essay should: “ Explain what the article attempts to achieve; “ Summarize the related literature that addresses the same topic; you can find the literature from the references of the article you choose or from a search on the topic. “ Outline the key results from the article, along with the assumptions (if any) that are needed to generate these results; “ Explain how the article contributes to our understanding of the topics addressed by the relevant literature (i.e., new empirical results? or new ideas?) and “ Suggest possible directions for future research. References: 1.The E-journals database in the liabrary. 2.www.ssrn.com Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.