History response paper

History response paper Order Description NATIONAL LIBERATION, INTERNAL STRIFE AND INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY ITS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU READ PRASHAD CLOSELY AND DO SOME ADDITIONAL RESEARCH FOR THIS PROMPT. Its important that you have prepared so that you can provide sufficiently detailed examples to support your argument and analysis. The Prompt After World War II, many people from formerly colonized or impoverished nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America organized movements of national liberation and social revolution. Select one of the nations listed below, and explain: (1) how its liberation struggle developed, (2) how leaders of it engaged international organizations, (3) how post-liberation governments responded to internal differences, and (4) how post-liberation governments have responded to effects of globalization. Choose One of the Following Countries: Indonesia Egypt Argentina Iran Yugoslavia Cuba Bolivia Venezuela Tanzania Jamaica To get 100% on this, you MUST¦ draw specific references from the Prashad book. (Each of these countries is discussed at length in at least one chapter.) not discuss Algeria. (We’ve already doiscussed this in length in class, so it’s not a choice.) draw examples from Roberts chapters on international organizations. (See Chapters 15-17.) It’s OK to use Wikipedia This time, I encourage you to begin research on a single nation by studying the Wikipedia page for your nation. This should provide you with some basic details, maps, and pictures etc. Its ideal to start here, note some basic details of liberation struggles, identify key figures and events. Its OK to draw examples from other sources, too, but you MUST draw examples and references in your response from Prashad and Roberts. If you don’t, even if you provide a detailed answer, you will not receive a high score. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT