History Order Description 1. Looking at U.S military intervention in the Middle East since 1990, explore to what extent U.S. involvement can be described as a desire to spread democracy and promote self-determination according to Wilsonian principles? Was that involvement a success? For the final, writ one paragraph each about the Iraq policy of Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II. This paragraph should speak to the role Wilsonianism played in each administration’s decisions. That means you also need a paragraph to define Wilsonianism at the start. A concluding paragraph should speak about the overall success of U.S. policies toward the Middle East since 1990. To answer this question, you must use the first three chapters of Robert K. Brigham’s book in which he speaks of Wilsonianism primarily in terms of liberal internationalism. You should also consider the meaning of Wilsonianism according to 17B lecture material. 2. Looking at U.S political history since the 1930s, do you think that the dominant political idea has been liberalism or conservativism? Name three examples that show how liberalism has been dominant. Name three examples of why conservativism has been dominant. In the end, which do you think is more dominant and why. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT