Hotel Aduit Assignment

Hotel Aduit Assignment “ Delta Guelph Hotel and Conference Centre (justify this hotel) The report should: Describe and justify the intentional design aspects of the property Evaluate exterior and interior guest areas from a quality perspective Provide an assessment of key areas based on your observations from a maintenance perspective Propose, with justifications, the core strengths and areas of improvement of the facility This assignment asks you to take the position of a manager, looking at your particular facility with your own eyes and determine what appears to bewell designed,in good repair, or in need of further attention and why. As every facility is different, you will need to make decisions about what aspects to include in your report and what aspects are less relevant, just like real professionals. Use the tools at your disposal to best convey the current state of the facility. As such, you will begin to touch on key learning objectives in this course, including: Identify the different components of a building system and explain their relevance to the management and operation of hospitality and tourism facilities. Appreciate the links between hospitality and tourism facilities and an operation’s servicescape. Show a critical and holistic appreciation of the principles of sustainability as it pertains to the design, development, management and operation of hospitality and tourism facilities. However, there is a list of areas that you should focus on, assess and consider including in your report. For the exterior inspection of the building, you may include: Visible roof areas Exterior walls Windows and doors Visible structure and foundation Signage Elevators Parking Areas Visible storm water drainage systems Visible utilities Landscaping and grounds For the interior inspection of the building, youmay include: Smell Lighting Acoustics Colour Texture Materials Surfaces Patterns Furnitureand fittings “ wall, floor and ceiling coverings, windows, sanitary fittings, furniture and furnishings Graphics and Art work Signage Format and Referencing: The paper is to be presented in report format, with sub-headings, footnotes, references and appendices as and where appropriate to support the flow and progression of the assignment. Referencing should follow conventional practice, and one with which you are most familiar: simply be consistent and complete. The reader should be able to directly find exactly the same reference material by using the information provided. There is no minimum or maximum number of references to be included in this report; however, any inclusion of specific propertyinformation and/or references that justify facility claims should be included for a stronger paper. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.