Hotel internship report.

Write one internship essay base on F&B department . Criteria for Internship Exemption “F&B DEPARTMENT You are required to provide evidence of at least six months relevant work in a hotel or restaurant, and also complete the following tasks: 1. Describe the establishment where you worked, giving the dates, this should include the ownership, the location, the size, the level or style of service. 2. Describe your duties while employed. 3. What HACCP procedures were there in your establishment? How were they controlled and checked? How often? Who was responsible? 4. How would you describe the customer focus in your establishment? Who were the key target customers? 5. Describe the dining room / restaurant design. (Include drawings, sketches, plans or photos.). Comment on the style of dining, the menus offered, the scope or potential for creativity. 6. Describe and comment on the systems for food production and portion control including aspects of wastage and use of convenience foods. 7. Describe and comment on what measures the establishment which showed awareness of potential damage to the environment “ comment on use of energy; cleaning products; paper, packaging and all kinds of containers including glass. 8. Provide a reference letter from your former employer and a wage or salary slip (if existing) as evidence of your employment. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.