How Can Corporate Governance Prevent Corporate Failure

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Please use IDEALS framework and endnote for referencing. Company has already selected and please use the references of possible, not all the references are required to be used. Using theIDEALS framework for your 2000 wordresearch essay IDEALS Framework Suggested content Identify the issue and argument: What is the issue and what position are you arguing for? This is the introduction to your essay. It will consist of a singleparagraphoutlining statements evaluated, the claim you are arguing for. A second paragraph identifies and/or defines key concepts, alongside qualifiers that limit the scope of the argument. Approximately 150 “ 200 words (2 paragraphs). Define the context: What are the facts and circumstances that frame this issue? Here you need to assess the context of the situation, especially the opportunities and risks in the context of the situation. What available data it there to support your outline of the context. For example, how did the issues evolve? What is the history that frames the situation today? This includesspecific qualitative and/or quantitativedataabout the issue. When considering the data you should also think about the reliability and validity of the data, especially the source. Approximately 300 words (3 paragraphs) Enumerate choices: What are the plausible alternatives? You need to argue for three choices. You must first enumerate each alternative and then each statement will need to have for and against positions evaluated. For each alternative you need to write arguments clearly outlining the reasons for or against the statements. You should base your arguments on your research (literature review). You must ensure the reliability and validity of data sources. Approximately 700 “ 1000 words (1 paragraph to introduce the choices and 1 paragraph for each of the advantages or disadvantages of each choice. Thus, 7 paragraphs in total). Analyse options What is the best course of action, all things considered? Here you compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of the argument. One paragraph should outline the comparisons between the strengths and a second paragraph the weaknesses and identify which choice is dominant because of this analysis. Approximately 200 words (2 paragraphs) List reasons explicitly: Let’s be clear: Why we are making these particular choices? This is the main conclusion to your essay. You must link each statement evaluated to the position you argue for. Explain your position, arguing for your preferred position. For example, any of the reasons for or against outweigh other or what is ultimate the most important in the case you are analysing? Approximately 200 words (2 paragraphs). Self-correct: Okay, let’s look at it again. What did we miss? This step is for you to review the conclusion to ensure that you have not chosen a dominant option. You should list the limitations of the decision. What might have changed your conclusion had other information and or resources been available? Approximately 50 “ 100 words (1 paragraph) References Keep references to a minimum and only cite the most important articles that add weight to your essay. Avoid giving more than one reference at a time. Make sure all data in your arguments have a reference and a page number. Your References section will not count towards your word count. © John C Dumay 2015