How having a mission make a difference.

1.Explain how HCO’s plan the sizes of its various components. How does it make its plans? What are the implications of too big and too small? Why is the final decision reserved for the governing board? 2.Explain to a new first-line supervisor what she’s accountable for and how she and the HCO know that she has met those accountabilities. 3.Describe how operational infrastructures fail, and what can be done to prevent failure? Chapter 4 1.Explain how having a mission make a difference. Review the M/V/V Statement of Intermountain Health Care: (Links to an external site.) How would the mission be different if a large, for-profit corporation ran it? How might the mission be different if a governmental unit ran the organization? 2.Describe the board’s role in quality and safety. How does the board ensure that the highest quality of care is being provided? To whom does the board delegate the responsibility of carrying out clinical quality and safety? 3.Who is responsible for hiring and evaluating the CEO. What is the potential for CEO evaluation to be superficial and ineffective? What kind of information would the board collect and use for the CEO evaluation? What are potential conflicts in the process? 4.Explain the role of medical staff leadership, and why should they be appointed by and accountable to the governing board? What might happen if leadership selection was delegated entirely to the medical staff? What might happen if the medical staff was ignored in appointing leadership? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.