How to manage change in an organization

Describe the concept of Change as it applies to organizations. Select an hospitality industry , and describe two internal and two external factors that have driven organizations in that industry to adopt significant change. Identify and critically analyze, using examples, three factors that challenge the change process. Critical analysis involves: 1. Carefully considering an idea and weighing up the evidence supporting it to see if it is convincing. 2. Then being able to explain why you find the evidence convincing or unconvincing. It helps if you ask yourself a series of questions about the material you are reading. Try using these questions to help you think critically: ¢ Who is the author and what is their viewpoint or bias? ¢ Who is the audience and how does that influence the way information is presented? ¢ What is the main message of the text? ¢ What evidence has been used to support this main message? ¢ Is the evidence convincing; are there any counter-arguments? ¢ Do I agree with the text and why do I agree or disagree? Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.